Serendipity (n) finding something good without looking for it

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An ode to friends

“There exists a friend that sticks closer than a brother”

I’m afraid and amazed by squirrels. They’re funny and playful, yet seem to be on guard to get you at any moment.  I remember at my college campus there was this one black solo squirrel that seemed to chase people just for fun, as if he got a kick out of watching us run and scream.  I’m also fascinated by them.  Oftentimes they travel as a crew; you see one squirrel you can bet there’s another close by.  They play, chase, fight -especially over food.  But they can be loners.   Many of their characteristics reminds me of human behavior.

Alone time is good. It gives you time to pause, meditate, and reflect- all of which is helpful in gaining perspective and remaining balanced.  But life is so much better with friends- genuine friends who cheer for you, pray for you, calls you out when you’re being a fool, loyal no matter where you are in the world because you know their friendship is pure.   As far back as I can recall there has always been a good friend in my life that I shared good laughs and wild imaginations with.  If we couldn’t be together we would spend hours on the phone. Friends help you get through difficult challenges, listens with genuine interest when you talk, helps you in making the right decisions.  With a good friend you can be yourself- you can sing off key, you can dance off beat, be unkempt, and speak your truth without being judged.  They’re like a sibling without the blood ties.

Adulting and technology has changed the dynamics of relationships.  We grow up, move away, marry, have children, travel…we text or Snapchat or Instagram/ Facebook rather than chat over the phone.  But you know a friendship is real when your friend is there for the special moments -or the challenging ones-, use technology to keep in touch, and when you get together not much has changed, you pick up right where you left off: the laughs, teasings, talks.

So this one is to friendship.  It’s a special gift to know there is a friend who is like family and who has your back come what may.  I’m grateful for each person I call a friend.  What a blessing you are to me.  I thank God for you every day.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.”

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Hope is an anchor for the soul

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I was thinking of hope today.  I turned on the radio and the first announcement? Another celebrity suicide. The despair and hopelessness someone must feel to convince themselves the only way out is to take their own lives must be deep.  It’s beyond sad and makes me wonder: are we taking time to care for our souls?  Do we make time to care for one another? I absolutely believe in being my brother’s keeper.

An anchor is a device used to connect a vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the craft from drifting due to wind or current.  So trials we face in life are like winds and currents- they come and go; some are more intense and ferocious  than others. Having hope helps us to face these trials with full confidence that we will overcome.  Hope is our anchor.  Hope is believing that better times are ahead.  Hope is believing we will come out victorious from a trial as we will learn, grow, and mature.  Hope is having a certain expectation and believing that it will come to be.  Hope keeps us stable.  Hope gives us the will and the courage to endure- keep going.  In the meantime, as we’re facing the trial, we don’t give up; we work through it and keep living.  We remain positive and grateful; we don’t give in to hopelessness.  We do what we can to alleviate the problem- maybe seeking professional help- and we come to terms with the trial, and accept what we can’t change.  We may need to make adjustments.  But as we do, we keep our heads high, remain prayerful and grateful.  Still remembering to count our blessings.

“lift up your eyes to heaven and see.  Who has created these things?”  Meditating on life’s wonders will keep us amazed and inspired.  We’ve been blessed with a magnificent universe, a wondrous planet, and an amazing life.

Keep living

Keep learning

Remain hopeful

Look after your neighbor

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I hope you dance

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I was driving home after the gym and a quick run to the grocery store – sort of distracted by the gummy bears I was savoring.   Then I looked right and a lady was dancing merrily on the side-walk – eyes closed, hands in the air snapping, with the widest smile.  She had no concern with who could be watching her; she was light hearted and happy.  I wondered what she was celebrating.  I laughed with her, danced as I drove away: mood instantly lifted.

I had to run another errand.  Again I saw something captivating: a beautiful Indian family dressed in native garb sitting together on a bench under the shade of a luxuriant tree sharing an intimate conversation.  It was the children, parents, and grand-parents- at least three generations.  My first thought was how beautiful!  Then I thought this is what living is!

See I’ve had a few disappointing experiences lately: some “Nos” Where I expected “Yeses”,  so I was in my feelings somewhat.  I had a pleasant day though.  I worked and had music playing all day; I sang and danced along.  But still there was a hint of disappointment lingering.  But those two experiences reminded me there’s always a blessing to recount, celebrate.  I had a pleasant day: a blessing!  I spoke to some family and friends throughout the day: a blessing.

Some things we chase is like chasing the wind, of no real value – like riches and glory.  Of what benefit are these things if we have no peace?  If we have no one to share them with? If we’re never satisfied?

I’m grateful for the gift of music.  I’m grateful for the gift of sound.  I’m grateful to have family and friends that are family.  I’m grateful for my feet, toes, legs so I could dance.

It’s important to take time to enjoy life.  Let go of the day’s stresses by dancing – who cares who’s watching?  You may inspire someone to be joyful and dance too.  Make time for what’s most important: Family!

Count your blessings

Dance like no one is watching

Spend time with family




Nothing without love

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There’s something about warm weather that makes people kinder, happier.  With the sun shining I am more open, more energized, more joyous.

I attended a wedding and the couple, dressed to impress, exchanged the most beautiful heartfelt vows.  I teared up as I felt their love and remembered how beautiful love is. One thing for sure: the world is in a love deficit. I could hardly stand the horror reported on the news.  After a few minutes I have to turn away.

To pull myself from the negative space the news put me in one day, I stepped outside and sat in the sun and listened to the bird’s songs. I saw a few cardinals and what I believed were blue jays flying fiercely and chasing after one another; I chuckled.  My neighbors love to garden and have nurtured a great variety of flowers and plants, and even added bird feeders – what beauty they’ve added to our neighborhood!  My heart felt peaceful . The beautiful things of life drowned the horrors 5 minutes of the news created. I remembered all the blessings we’ve been give: family, variety in species, the color spectrum, the gift of joy, but most importantly love.

Having love makes me happy .  Sharing love keeps me alive.  True the world is scary, but being guided by love keeps me self-less.  Love is the antidote to hate. Having love makes us human.  Showing care and concern for others, I believe, reduces the pain and suffering we often burden others with.

“If I have all the faith so as to move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

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