“always remember just how rare you are – there is no one quite like you.”

I like this thought.  I am uniquely and divinely designed with love.  I am the sole prototype of me, I cannot be duplicated.  I am fine as I am, a rare treasure.

That’s true of you too.

Self-love is important.  When we love ourselves we take time to improve our character, our health, our intelligence…; we try to be the best version of ourselves.  We don’t compare ourselves – our accomplishments, failures, circumstances- to the next person.  We don’t let who the next person is or has define our worth.  We modestly accept that we’re unique – we accomplish impressive things, yet we never think we’re better than the next person- who to is a unique prototype.

We don’t let people talk down to us, belittle us, or make us feel worthless.  Even failures don’t define us – instead we learn and grow;  we don’t fit into just any mold.  We were created with a variety of attributes and characteristics that makes us unique.  Embrace them and shine brightly in your own space.  Move over, there’s enough room.


4 thoughts on “Uniqueness

  1. Uniqueness is a beautiful thing. When people can see the uniqueness of people and places and cultures, it can enrich your life. Why wear only black and white when you can choose all the colors of the Crayon box! My current favorite is Vivid Violet!

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  2. In this day and age where people are comparing themselves to others and trying to keep up with the Jones’s, this is a very important message. I have been thinking about his same idea lately and a thought came to me that the sun and the moon cannot be compared, yet they both shine in their own time. We too cannot be compared to one another and that is how we are each wonderfully, uniquely made. Thank you for the reminder!

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