Colors of Life

abstract painting
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

What’s your favorite color?

I could never pick just one as my favorite because there’s something captivating about each.  Yellow is fun and whimsical; pink is soft and nurturing; red is bold and feisty, purple is royal; green is natural and calming while blue is energetic; black is confident and strong while white is pure…at least that’s how I view them. So I tend to say my favorite color is in the berry family, like  fuchsia or magenta.  They’re Striking yet not over bearing.  So beautiful.  But truly I love most colors.  Color adds texture to your personality.

What color would you use to describe how you’ve been feeling?

I’d say lately I’ve been a mashup of many colors. With the pace of life- trying to get to and balance each responsibility- with life constantly changing and having to make adjustments, it all can be overwhelming. I balance that by making time for the more important things which include taking care of me. If I’m constantly expending myself then one day I’ll be all used up.  What’s that line from that Bill Withers song, “keep on using me till you use me up”?  That doesn’t work for me. And it shouldn’t work for you either.

Because we’re industrious and compassionate many of us tend to give our best to everyone else, like our employers and family, and what we have left for ourselves is just the rest.  Keep going like that and eventually you’ll have nothing for yourself or others.

So take time to enjoy the colors of life. “Taste the rainbow”. You’ll be happier, and since joy is contagious you’ll inspire others to be colorfully happy too.

4 thoughts on “Colors of Life

  1. First, I absolutely love the colorful picture that you chose for this. What a great reminder of how you are not locked into any color just like you are not locked into any feeling. We all get stuck in one color pattern with our jobs, families, and other responsibilities. My colors change like the wind. I remember my first favorite color (red). I chose that color after going through my first open heart surgery at the age of 7. I felt strong and full of life, then it mellowed to pink. Now I am purple. I believe our colors change as we experience life. Right now I am also in the process of changing my career to follow the colors in my heart and I hope to inspire others to see, feel and use their colors within as well. The point is just what you said, don’t get stuck on one color, taste the rainbow. How blessed are we to see our colors.

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