“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
Maya Angelou

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve done?

When you’re afraid what do you do to regain power and confidence?

Do you face your fears or do you get up and run as fast and far away from them?

If you run, won’t the day come when you can no longer run? End of the road, so to speak, so you’ll have to do something? Will procrastinating really help?

I’m thinking no.   Running only prolongs the problem and builds a stream of anxiety that gets deep, dense, dark. I bet you the problem creeps into your mind throughout the day.  So wouldn’t it be better to deal with it as soon as possible? I’m one to avoid dealing with a challenge for a while. Sometimes I have to make sure when I’m ready to face the situation I’m in a heathy place physically, emotionally and mentally.   Then when time comes for me to deal with it I come from a place of courage and clarity in order to make appropriate changes, decisions.

When I don’t have courage I have to ask for it, I have to pray for it. Along with courage comes a measure of self-confidence. This confidence can help you rise from a place of fear and inaction to having the fortitude to face the problem and work through it with the tools we’ve been given: our minds, heart, body, time, connections… we can only use what we have.  So just always do your best in each situation.  giving up, running away, cowering is not the solution . Trust yourself enough to be bold, to act, then to move on… even if initially the results are less than favorable.

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