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Where do you look for inspiration? In nature? creation? People? Books?

When you’re not feeling motivated what helps you to get up and keep going?

When you’re feeling defeated what helps you get back to being strong to get through/ overcome the obstacle(s)?

For me it’s prayer.  Knowing there’s a creator who thought enough of me to create me and to bless me with the ability to enjoy the wonders of creation, and who I can always rely on, is my inspiration, motivation , and confidence. Sometimes I’m at a loss as to how to proceed in life, what path to take, when to change.  So I pause. I sit still -meaning I don’t act rashly- and I pray.  I look out in nature and observe the perfect order of things. A beautiful sunrise or sunset is so calming. The beautiful colors which range from bold reds and oranges to cool shades of grays and purples are magnificent. If there’s that much order and balance in nature surely, since I am wonderfully made, I can be redirected to the right course.

Conversations with trusted family and friends is another source I tap into. At times it’s good to share your feelings and concerns, or bounce ideas with others who care and want to see you happy and thriving. Sharing thoughts creates a safe place to learn, grow, or change.

Reading is a wonderful gift.  There are wonderful books, quotes, thoughts, proverbs that have been written.  Many of these are powerful enough to get you going and refocused.  Reading feeds the imagination, and imagination feels the soul.

I hope if you’re looking for some inspiration, motivation, or courage that you search for it and not accept complaisance or defeat.  You have a life to live; make the best of it .

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