An ode to friends

“There exists a friend that sticks closer than a brother”

I’m afraid and amazed by squirrels. They’re funny and playful, yet seem to be on guard to get you at any moment.  I remember at my college campus there was this one black solo squirrel that seemed to chase people just for fun, as if he got a kick out of watching us run and scream.  I’m also fascinated by them.  Oftentimes they travel as a crew; you see one squirrel you can bet there’s another close by.  They play, chase, fight -especially over food.  But they can be loners.   Many of their characteristics reminds me of human behavior.

Alone time is good. It gives you time to pause, meditate, and reflect- all of which is helpful in gaining perspective and remaining balanced.  But life is so much better with friends- genuine friends who cheer for you, pray for you, calls you out when you’re being a fool, loyal no matter where you are in the world because you know their friendship is pure.   As far back as I can recall there has always been a good friend in my life that I shared good laughs and wild imaginations with.  If we couldn’t be together we would spend hours on the phone. Friends help you get through difficult challenges, listens with genuine interest when you talk, helps you in making the right decisions.  With a good friend you can be yourself- you can sing off key, you can dance off beat, be unkempt, and speak your truth without being judged.  They’re like a sibling without the blood ties.

Adulting and technology has changed the dynamics of relationships.  We grow up, move away, marry, have children, travel…we text or Snapchat or Instagram/ Facebook rather than chat over the phone.  But you know a friendship is real when your friend is there for the special moments -or the challenging ones-, use technology to keep in touch, and when you get together not much has changed, you pick up right where you left off: the laughs, teasings, talks.

So this one is to friendship.  It’s a special gift to know there is a friend who is like family and who has your back come what may.  I’m grateful for each person I call a friend.  What a blessing you are to me.  I thank God for you every day.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it.”

three red hearts hanging with white flowers
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