I hope you dance

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was driving home after the gym and a quick run to the grocery store – sort of distracted by the gummy bears I was savoring.   Then I looked right and a lady was dancing merrily on the side-walk – eyes closed, hands in the air snapping, with the widest smile.  She had no concern with who could be watching her; she was light hearted and happy.  I wondered what she was celebrating.  I laughed with her, danced as I drove away: mood instantly lifted.

I had to run another errand.  Again I saw something captivating: a beautiful Indian family dressed in native garb sitting together on a bench under the shade of a luxuriant tree sharing an intimate conversation.  It was the children, parents, and grand-parents- at least three generations.  My first thought was how beautiful!  Then I thought this is what living is!

See I’ve had a few disappointing experiences lately: some “Nos” Where I expected “Yeses”,  so I was in my feelings somewhat.  I had a pleasant day though.  I worked and had music playing all day; I sang and danced along.  But still there was a hint of disappointment lingering.  But those two experiences reminded me there’s always a blessing to recount, celebrate.  I had a pleasant day: a blessing!  I spoke to some family and friends throughout the day: a blessing.

Some things we chase is like chasing the wind, of no real value – like riches and glory.  Of what benefit are these things if we have no peace?  If we have no one to share them with? If we’re never satisfied?

I’m grateful for the gift of music.  I’m grateful for the gift of sound.  I’m grateful to have family and friends that are family.  I’m grateful for my feet, toes, legs so I could dance.

It’s important to take time to enjoy life.  Let go of the day’s stresses by dancing – who cares who’s watching?  You may inspire someone to be joyful and dance too.  Make time for what’s most important: Family!

Count your blessings

Dance like no one is watching

Spend time with family




4 thoughts on “I hope you dance

  1. I often reflect on the blessings that some or even most take for granted: sound mind, vision, hearing, taste, smell, etc. I always look at the sky during the day and at night. I always focus on the colors that I see. I always remember how blessed I am to have my mind. There are so many people suffering from depression and other mental afflictions and they’re unable to see the beauty of this world. I thank God for the ability to experience the simple beauty. I thank God for my peace of mind! Dance, sing, taste, smell, and see like you never have before. Each day gives a new opportunity to do just that.

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