Nothing without love

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There’s something about warm weather that makes people kinder, happier.  With the sun shining I am more open, more energized, more joyous.

I attended a wedding and the couple, dressed to impress, exchanged the most beautiful heartfelt vows.  I teared up as I felt their love and remembered how beautiful love is. One thing for sure: the world is in a love deficit. I could hardly stand the horror reported on the news.  After a few minutes I have to turn away.

To pull myself from the negative space the news put me in one day, I stepped outside and sat in the sun and listened to the bird’s songs. I saw a few cardinals and what I believed were blue jays flying fiercely and chasing after one another; I chuckled.  My neighbors love to garden and have nurtured a great variety of flowers and plants, and even added bird feeders – what beauty they’ve added to our neighborhood!  My heart felt peaceful . The beautiful things of life drowned the horrors 5 minutes of the news created. I remembered all the blessings we’ve been give: family, variety in species, the color spectrum, the gift of joy, but most importantly love.

Having love makes me happy .  Sharing love keeps me alive.  True the world is scary, but being guided by love keeps me self-less.  Love is the antidote to hate. Having love makes us human.  Showing care and concern for others, I believe, reduces the pain and suffering we often burden others with.

“If I have all the faith so as to move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”

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