“Gratitude helps us to feel good and inspires us to do good”


I woke up with feelings of anxiety.  I didn’t have the strength or courage to face the world- truthfully my work world.  But at this point I have little choice.  But one thing  I could control is my preparedness.  How better to prepare than to first offer praise and thanksgiving, then BEG for the courage and resilience I would need to press on with my day? I begged for peace and the right attitude.

Midday I took a stroll and found myself smiling.  I became aware of the peace I felt.  I felt at ease, I felt capable, I felt content. I was giving my best, and where I couldn’t I sought out the help I needed;  I offered help in return.  The peace I felt helped me be calm and open- open to giving my best and being my best, yet not open to being overly stressed and not accepting extras- extras that I can’t carry.  It’s ok to say no.  It’s ok to not be able to do it all.  It’s ok to set limits.  It’s ok to be content…you know, satisfied with who you are at present.

The moon was out last night.  I love to look for it in the night sky.  It’s so faithful, so bright, so far but yet we are blessed to see it, to live in its glory.  I love it’s nightly reminders, “Today is coming to an end and you made it.  Here is a night light to  guide your way .  Sleep well and with God’s grace yu’ll get to see another day.”

Having gratitude motivates you to do good, to be good- good to others and to yourself.  In turn you’ll enjoy greater peace.  You’ll learn to be content with giving your best.  Being your best.


Be at peace

Be content

Give your best

moon and stars
Photo by Min An on

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