“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected”

How can one day bring so much happiness? Is it a sense of accomplishment? Is it that we gave it our all all week and finally we’ll get a chance to rejuvenate, recuperate, regroup? We’ll finally have time to take care of “me”? Whether it’s sleeping a bit longer, spending good time with  family, gardening, hiking, reading, pursing a goal… Friday feels so good.   Being able to do with time what I choose makes me happy.

Each day is an opportunity to live, to be great. Though we don’t require constant praise to stay motivated it’s nice when others notice our hard work and express their appreciation.  I believe then we go above and beyond what’s expected.  We’re moved to give more because someone is thankful for all we do.  Every work we perform benefits someone somehow. So to be recognized for what we do feels nice.

What feels even better is expressing appreciation. Seeing someone light up because of our kind words is a great gift. A genuine gift. A gift of the heart.  The saying “ it’s better to give than to receive” is truth. Our kind words may be just what someone needs in order to keep going.   We are feeling creatures; we need to touch, to love, to hear good words to thrive.  Why not take the initiative to reach out and show kindness to someone instead of waiting to receive it first? The one who gives always receive more.

Practice giving

Practice praising

Express appreciation

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