Gratitude is a Gift


“Gratitude is the ability to experience life not as a test but as a gift”

I can’t name the tree with pretty pink petals outside but when I walked out this morning all the petals had fallen off and were spread out on the ground; interestingly the leaves were falling too, though it’s only the beginning of summer.  Still, there’s a comforting mist in the air.  It all feels ethereal.

What a beautiful day to be alive!  I’m thankful I get to experience another day. The past few weeks have been challenging.  Losing friends to death is unpleasant to say the least,  but what a blessing it was to have had them make footprints in my life and to have shared good laughs and good times.  My flight was delayed over 5 hours the other day with little explanation or compensation.  But I was returning from a fun filled weekend with family.  We shared good laughs, good food, and good memories.  To my left was a young mother with a crying newborn, lots of luggage, who had just missed her flight.  She spoke little English so this added to her frustration.  What was heart-warming about  the situation was the amount of care and concern total strangers offered her.  I even chimed in to help translate as best as I could.  She was calm and agreeable despite of it all.  I found myself calmer and accepting of my situation.

It’s impossible to go through life without challenges.  Oh how I wish everyday was a good day- every moment;  we’ll leave that to fairy-tales, we live in reality.  Truth is we all will have to come face to face with difficulties: poor/failing health- our own or a loved one- challenges at school or work, unemployment, heart-breaks, violence in the community, and the list goes on.  The difference, I believe, in how we fare will have a lot to do with our mentality .  Is it possible to find a slither of hope in any situation? Can we focus on the good, the end result of our endurance?  Can our character improve as we learn and grow?  Can we still give thanks and express gratitude for the things that are good?  Maybe what you’re grateful for is that PB&J sandwich that hit the spot, or for the gift of sight that blessed you with the privilege of seeing that monarch butterfly take flight.

The opposite of not being alive is not appealing to me.  So I will choose to cherish each day I get to call today and choose to experience life as a gift.

Stay hopeful

Choose happiness

Show yourself thankful


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