Count Blessings

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I heard the most truthful words that kept ringing in my heart: you’re never more than a grateful thought away from increased peace of mind and greater peace of heart.

In elementary school I learned attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference. As years passed I learned the importance of a positive attitude. It really shapes your thought pattern, outlook of a situation,  motivation, and even your physical well-being. As I mature, I’m learning the importance of gratitude. I believe attitude and a positive mentality helps me to be grateful. learning to count my blessings, focusing on the good things I have and not on what I don’t have helps me feel happier, healthier, and better suited -maybe even resilient- to face life’s challenges.

I wake up earlier now to pray and meditate.  There’s peace in rising earlier before the day’s distractions begin.  In my prayers I list all the blessings I have and thank God for them.  My concerns and anxieties I list too,  but only after I recount my blessings, and I ask for help in facing each challenge for the day.  Tomorrow’s challenges I will pray about tomorrow.

What a difference showing thanks, being grateful, remaining positive has been!  So each day I will take time to be appreciative of every blessing: from the rain showers that provide food and water, to each family member and friend, to the beautiful red robbins that wake me up before I’d like, to any vacation I take.  I will count each blessing and share good news.

New beginnings



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